Mona Lisa Gherardini

Written and Directed by Steve DeVito
Musical Direction by Beth Wagenaar

Show Dates: During the 2008 AACT Region X Festival of One Act Plays October 8-12, 2008

Production Photos

MONA LISA: Rosemarie Smith
CAMILLA: Connie Howard
CATERINA: Sylvia Pancake
ALESSANDRA: Emilee Mcgann

Director – Steve DeVito
Musical Director – Beth Wagenaar
Assistant Director and Stage Manager – Carl Johnson
Technical Director – Dane Winters
Assistant Tech Directors – Andrew Meredith & Brian Rausch
Costume Mistresses – Michiel DeVito, Elfi Carberry & Sandy Sapatka
Front of House – Ann Clark

Show Information:
This original musical reflects upon the known facts surrounding Leonardo da Vinciís portrait of Lisa Gherardini. The characters in this new musical are based on historical documentation. The period is in the early Renaissance, located in the city state of Firenze (Florence), now part of Italy. This revolution of new ideas is shaking Europe out of 1,000 years of deep sleep, the Dark Ages. Leonardo da Vinci kept the Mona Lisa portrait with him until his death.