The 2011 IMCOM-E Festival of One Act Plays

Oct. 7 - PM
Oct. 8 - All day
Oct. 9 - All day

The Roadside Theater once again will host the Festival of One Act Plays.

This jam-packed weekend includes over a dozen One Act plays from around the world,
guest performances, special events, classes & workshops and an exciting awards ceremony - all FREE to the public.

Schedule of Events!

Friday, 7 October (Sign-up for Monologue Workshops)

6:30 - 10:15 pm:
"Mustardseed” - Stuttgart Performing Arts Center
"The Emperor’s New Clothes” - Ramstein Razz-Ma-Tazz Family Theatre
"Wanda’s Visit” - Heidelberg Roadside Theater (PG)

Saturday, 8 October (Monologue Workshops with Paul Bourne as scheduled)

10:00 am - Noon:
"The Maids” - Ankara Stage on the Run (PG)
"Time Flies” - Schweinfurt Performing Arts Center
"Phillip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread” - Aviano Community Theatre

1:00 - 5:30 pm:
"Disney’s 101 Dalmatians” - Kaiserslautern KMC Onstage
"Dunelawn” - Wiesbaden Amelia Earhart Playhouse (PG)
”The Way of All Fish” - SHAPE Performing Arts Centre (PG)
"Wedding Duet” - Grafenwoehr Performing Arts Center (PG)

6:30 - 10:00 pm:
"Post-Its: Notes on a Marriage” - Ansbach Terrace Playhouse
“Tuna Fish Eulogy” - Vicenza Soldiers Theatre
“Little Duck” - Bamberg Stable Theatre (PG)

Sunday, 9 October:

10:30 am: Acting Up: Paul Bourne (Menagerie Productions, Edinburgh Festival) challenges performers to discover What Lies Beneath, with a workshop on building truthful characters.

1:00 pm: Monologue performances

1:40 pm: It Takes Two: Acclaimed directors Kathy Pingel (Des Moines Playhouse) and Ron Ziegler (Venice Theatre) tag-team to impart a wealth of knowledge on staging dynamic shows.

3:15 pm: Cowboys and Aliens: Morrie Enders (Lincoln Community Playhouse) helps eliminate shoot-outs by improving communication between designers/technicians and directors/actors.

4:30 pm: Tweeter Theatre: Media-savvy Vic Phillipson will give you helpful hints and show you a trick or two to put free net technologies and on-line tools to productive use in your theatre.

6:00 pm: Showcase Performance: “Parallel Lives” by The Evergreen Players, Colorado

7:00 pm: Awards Presentation

- All performances and workshops are free of charge.
- Frequent audience giveaways of theatrical memorabilia.
- Children under six are not admitted.

The Roadside Theater congratulates all the winners in the
2010 IM-COM Europe and USAG Kaiserslautern Festival of One Act Plays!

BEST SHOW: Tuna Fish Eulogy, Vicenza Soldiers Theatre
2nd Place Best Show: The Way of All Fish, SHAPE Performing Arts Centre
3rd Place Best Show: 101 Dalmatians, Kaiserslautern KMC Onstage

BEST DIRECTOR: Jerry Brees, Tuna Fish Eulogy
2nd Place: Dan LaMorte, The Way of All Fish
3rd Place: Papatya Alkan Genca, The Maids, Ankara Stage on the Run

BEST ACTOR: Dalton-Jesse Cummins, Albert Scully, Tuna Fish Eulogy
2nd Place: SFC Scott Madden, Groom, Wedding Duet, Grafenwoehr Performing Arts Center
3rd Place: SPC Michael Tye Villane, Horace, Time Flies, Schweinfurt Performing Arts Center

BEST ACTRESS: Ezgi Yag, Claire, The Maids, Ankara Stage on the Run
2nd Place: Katy Bingham, Solange, The Maids, Ankara Stage on the Run
3rd Place: Leslee Oberg-Carpenter, Ms. Aquith, The Way of All Fish, SHAPE Players

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Aaron Talley, People of the Town, Tuna Fish Eulogy
2nd Place: Edison Ruland, Miggot, The Emperor’s New Clothes, Ramstein Razz-Ma-Tazz Family Theatre
3rd Place: Chuck York, Bruno, Dunelawn, Wiesbaden Amelia Earhart Playhouse

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Donna Cassels, Miss Scully, Tuna Fish Eulogy
2nd Place: Adina Pavlesich, Cruella de Ville, 101 Dalmatians
3rd Place: Jill Nunnery, Nurse Becky Hedges, Dunelawn, Wiesbaden Amelia Earhart Playhouse

BEST FEATURED ROLE: David Burmedi, Waiter, Wanda’s Visit, Heidelberg Roadside Theater
2nd Place: David Schwab, Horace, 101 Dalmatians
3rd Place: Bernd Roeder, Jasper, 101 Dalmatians

BEST ENSEMBLE: Tuna Fish Eulogy
2nd Place: Wedding Duet
3rd Place: Dunelawn

BEST MONOLOGUE: Jeanne Ragonese, Heidelberg
2nd Place: Vince Bentley, Bamberg
3rd Place: Becky Connolly, Grafenwoehr

BEST DEBUT DIRECTOR: Cheryl Navo, 101 Dalmatians
2nd Place: Rebekah Madden, Wedding Duet
3rd Place: Annika Wallace, Mustardseed, Stuttgart Theatre Center


Best Costumes, Sets, and Make-up: 101 Dalmatians
2nd Place Award for Outstanding Costumes and Sets: Time Flies
3rd Place Award for Outstanding Costumes and Make-up: Mustardseed

BEST STAGE MANAGER: Linda Dahlstrom, Tuna Fish Eulogy
2nd Place: Thomas Reich, The Way of All Fish
3rd Place: Tom Navo, 101 Dalmatians

The Irving Berlin Award for Programming Excellence
Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command
Army Entertainment Division was presented to
Roadside Theater Heidelberg