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Here is information we have gathered from former Roadside participants on past shows and casts. We will continually update these historical pages as we receive new information. If you have any leads on Roadside's past, please contact us.

1980-1981 Season (partial history)

Feb, 1981

GEN Hammond - Sp5 Patrick Lonergan
Radar - Sp4 Mike Swabb
COL Blake - SGT  Bob King
CPT McCarthy - SFC Debra Raybould
Janice Fury  - Sp4 Elizabeth Buby
SGT Devine - SFC George Waller
LT Kimble - Sp4 Ingrid Toussaint
MAJ Burns - Sp5 John Cox
Father Mulcahey - SSG Jim Coone
Walt Waldowski - SFC William Raybould
Trapper John - SGT Louis Henderson
Ugly - PV2 Wes Roddy
Hawkeye - CW3 Jeff Clark
Duke - CW3 Tom Simonian
Ho Jon - Sp4 George Tunstill
Klinger - PFC Jim Sprankel
Nancy Phillips - Sp4 Rona Reeber
Margaret Houlahan - Sp4 Cynthia Scott
Goldfarb & Haskill - Sp5 Chris Schwichtenberg
LT Liebowitz - Sp4 Jean Henderson
Spearchchucker - PFC Adrian Wright
Cook - Sp4 Dave Wright

Director - Sp4 Brenda Appling
Asst to the Director - Sp4 Jean Henderson
Stage Manager - Jo Ann Coone
Makeup - SSG Jim Roach
Sound - Sp5 Larry Hadfield
Box Office - Susan Redfield
Lobby Display - Sp5 Keith Dixon
Program - Cathy Johnston
Costumes - CPT Tony Lairamore
Props - Bonnie Klein
Lighting - Sp4 Dave De Laney


March, 1981
Welcome to the Monkey Hous

Hazel Bergeron - JoAnn Coone
George Bergeron - Bob King
Harrison Bergeron - George Tunstill
Diana Moon Glampers - Corrie Wykoff
Miss Doris Sawyer -Nancy McMurrer
Newt - C. R. Laughinghouse
Harry Nash - Tony Lairamore
Helene Shaw - Amy Hatley
Catherine - Edwina Lashley
Susanna - Micki Moore
Nancy - Kirsten Soule
Mary - Ann Cook
Arthur Baker - Tony Lairamore
Susan Baker - Corrie Wykoff
Edie Baker - Kirsten Soule
Fred Bockman - Bob King
Marion Bockman - Ann Cook
Lew Harrison - Pat Lonergan
Margie - JoAnn Coone
George Helmholtz - Bob King
Grace Helmholtz - Edwina Lashley
Bert Quinn - Tony Lairamore
Jim Donnini - Carl Bryant
Mrs Crane - Corrie Wykoff

Director - Donna Dickerson
Asst Director - Marty Kober
Stage Manager - Garrol Lairamore
Sound - Dave DeLaney, Cathy Overcast
Lighting - Jim Smith
Social Director - Cynthia Scott
Audition Reception - Jim Coone
Van Driver - Keith Dixon
Photographer - Keith Dixon
Box Office Manager - Bonnie Klein
Publicity - Becki Herman
Silkscreening - Marty Kober, JoAnn Coone
Props - Dan Jones
House Staff - Linda Lust, Pat Schofield, Michael Jurisin, Ann Franklin, Becki Herman


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