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Here is information we have gathered from former Roadside participants on past shows and casts. We will continually update these historical pages as we receive new information. If you have any leads on Roadside's past, please contact us.

1981-1982 Season (partial history)

Theatre Center Director - Ms Elizabeth Buehler
Recreation Assistant - Mr Charles Atwell
Operations Clerk - Mr Ron Franklin

Dec, 1981
Romantic Comedy

Jason Carmichael - Bruce Blair
Blanche Dailey - Jeanne Marie Minnix
Phoebe Craddock - Gia-Evita Lanzano
Allison St. James - Amy Hatley
Leo Janowitz - Bob Redfield
Kate Mallory - Chris Schwichtenberg

Director - Dan Yount
Co-Director - Missy Niemeyer
Tech Directory - Gene Niemeyer
Stage Manager - Michelle Tedder
Stage Properties - Ruth Weiershauser
Lighting Design - Annie Bryant, Peter Freeman
Sound Tech - Bob Miller
Make-up - Jim Roache, Michelle Tedder
Costume Mistress - Nancy Keinenberg
Production Photogrfapher - Jim Manson
Photo Displays - Jeanne Marie Minnix
Asst Stage Manager - Richard Crockett
House Management - Jim MIller
Program - Elizabeth Buehler


March, 1982

[ newspaper photo ]

Lili --Cheryl Fuller
Marco the Magnificent -- John David Nicks
Paul --Steve Zeman
Rosalie --Cherie Green
Jacquot --Jeff Clark
B.F. Schlegel --Dave Disharoon
Greta Schlegel - Micki Moore
Grobert - Clive Partridge
Princess Olga - Edwina Lashley
Dr. Glass - Mike Fuller
Bluebirds --Tamara Harnly, Dolly Harnly, Linda Montgomery, Caroline Haberer, Cheryl-Ann Partridge, Clive Partridge
Four Roustabouts - Mike Fuller, Maurice Huffman, Daniel T. McCarthy, Clive Partridge
Cirque People - Heather Beasley, Joan Baker, Jeanine P. Niemeyer, Missy B. Niemeyer, Cheryll-Ann Partridge, Linda Montgomer, Caroline Haberer, Mary Deschamp, Marilyn Spurrier, Tamera Harnly, Dolly Harnly, and Nosey.

Director --Lucky Moore
Musical Director --Elaine Stelter, Gayle Hennicke
Asst Director/Stage Manager - Pat McCarthy
Choreographer - Cheryll-Ann Partridge
Set Design --Monica Counts
Properties - Ann Cook

May, 1982
Play It Again, Sam

Allan Feliz --Fred Miller
Nancy --Cathy Guetersloh
Bogey --Bill Campbell
Dick Christie --Lou Henderson
Linda Christie --Karen Nyere
Sharon --Adrienne Rieck
Sharon Lake --Cathy Overstreet
Gina --Candice Lopez
Vanessa --Adrienne Rieck
Go-Go Girl --Adrienne Rieck
Intellectual Girl --Janice Chissick
Barbara --Candice Lopez

Director --Victoria McAllister
Asst Director/Stage Manager --Ruth Weiershaeuser
Production Coordinator/Program Design --Jim Miller
Lighting Design --Steve Zeman
Lighting Technicians --Nancy Keienburg, Jean Henderson
Sound Design/Sound Technician --Pat Lonergan
Set Design/Construction Chief --Bob Redfield
Hair Stylist --Peter Kern
Make-up --Gia-Evita Lanzano, Candice Lopez
Hair Styling - Peter Kern
Properties --Pamela Reaville, Candice Lopez
Photographer --Ron Franklin
House Manager --Missy Niemeyer
Construction Crew --Charles Atwell, Janice Chissick, Ron Franklin, Cathy Guetersloh, Jean Henderson, Lou Henderson, Nancy Keienburg, Pat Lonergan, Candice Lopez, Victoria McAllister, Fred Miller, Jim Miller, Gene Niemeyer, Missy Miemeyer, Vicki Niemeyer, Karen Nyere, Pamela Reaville, Bob Redford, Adrienne Rieck, Ruth Weiershaeuser

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