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Here is information we have gathered from former Roadside participants on past shows and casts. We will continually update these historical pages as we receive new information. If you have any leads on Roadside's past, please contact us.

1982-1983 Season (partial history)

Music & Theatre Director - Ms J.M. Capella
Theatre Center Director - Mr T.F. Stotler
Theatre Assistant - Mr L.J. Henderson

Oct, 1982

Sidney Bruhl - Ron Franklin
Myra Bruhl - Cheryl Fuler
Ralph - Ken Wood
Clifford Anderson - Earl Murnahan
Helga Ten Dorp - Kari Adams
Porter Milgrim - Bob Horan

Director - Ron Franklin
Asst to the Director - Missy Niemeyer
Stage Manager - Gary Green
Asst Stage Manager - Jim Randle
Props - Candy Lopez, Vicki Niemeyer
Set Design - Bob Redfield
Light Design - Charles Atwell
Lighting Tech - Robert Jewell
Costume Mistress - Nancy Keienburg
Makeup - Cathy Overcast
Sound - Patrick Lonergan
House Manager - Joseph Smith
Program Cover Design - Charles Atwell
Program Design and Layout - Nancy Austere

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Mar, 1983

Miss Lynch - Josephine G Perkins
Patty Simcox - Patricia Needler
Eugene Florczyk - David Latch
Jan - Judy Covington
Mary - Terri Morgan
Betty Rizzo - Cherie Green
Doody - Alan Clayton
Roger - Bruce Holmes
Kenickie - Pat Rodifer
Sonny LaTierri - Kip A. Needler
Frenchy - Cathy Overcast
Sandy Dumbrowski - Linda Montgomery
Danny Zuko - Curt Craig
Vince Fontaine - Bob Heath
Johnny Casino - John Miller
Cha-Cha DeGregorio - Jeanne Marie Minnix
Teen Angel - Charles Atwell
Radio voice with Sandy - Lori Bogard
Drive-in Movie Horror Voices - Ken Wood, Joe Smith, Missy Miemeyer

Teen Angel Choir - Lane Green, Andrea Colberft, Jeanine P Niemeyer, Lori Bogard, Laura Dehaenen, Christi Whallon
Chorus - Bob Hendel, R (Woody) Woodson, Don Jones, Richard Wagers, Brad Day, Bob Jewell, Chuck Rooney, Patti Card, Susan Perry, Janette Robertson, Jeanine P. Niemeyer, Christi Whallow, Andrea Colbert, Lane Green

Piano - Henry Keith
Lead Guitar - Lin Arison
Bass Guitar - Phil Schneider
Tenor Sax - David Miller
Tenor Sax - Lisa Rowell
Drums - Bill Manago

Director - J (Randy) Randle
Producer - Timothy F. Stotler
Asst Director - Missy Niemeyer
Director's Asssistant - Vicki Niemeyer
Music Director - Carolynn Baker
Asst Music Director - Susan Rose
Production Coordinators - Gary Green, Charles Atwell
Choreographers - Curt Craig, Candice Lopez
Rehearsal Pianists - Henry Keith, Joseph Smith
Stage Managers - Ron Franklin, Gary Green, Missy Niemeyer
Props - Micki Niemeyer, Nancy Austere
Set Design - R (Woody) Woodson, J (Randy) Randle
Construction Chief - Ken Wood
Lighting Design - Charles Atwood
Sound Design - Pat Lonergan
Light & Sound Technicians - Jeff, Carl, John Wade, Tom Forrest, Frank Morgan
Scenic Artist - Kathy Ackerman
Costumes - Nancy Keienberg, Kay Keith, Dee Trials, Marie McCarty
Hair Styling - Peter Kern
Makeup - Dany Korary, Jacque Gray, Debbie Farooqi, Kathy Ackerman
Program Layout - Nancy Austere
Productino Photographer - Jeff Clar, Jeanne Minnex
Lobby Display Artist - Lisa Rowell
House Manager - Carolyn Haberer
Construction Crew - Frank Morgan, Don Cook, Lou Henderson, John Wade, Gbene Niemeyer, Tim Stotler, Phyliss Wood, Joe Smith, cast & crew

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May, 1983
The Gingerbread Lady

Jimmy Perry --Ron Franklin
Manuel --David Latch
Toby Landau --Michele Bungum
Evy Meara --Ann Cook
Polly Meara --Pamela Bombard
Lou Tanner --Bob Heath

Director --Timothy F. Stotler
Asst Director/Stage Manager --Don Cook
Production Coordinator --Nancy Keienburg
Properties --Helen Mitchell
Set Design --Timothy F. Stotler
Construction Chief --Gene Niemeyer
Lighting --Nancy Keienburg, Bill Kelly
Sound --Bob Jewell
Make-Up --Jacque Gray
Makeup Consultant - Dany Kosary
Hair Styling - Peter Kern
Costume Mistress --Nancy Keienburg
Program Cover Design --Don Finlay
Program Design and Layout --Nancy Austere
Portrait and Production Photographer --Marilyn Tauger
Construction Crew --Nancy Keienburg, Ron Franklin, Pam Bombard, Bill Bombard, Ann Cook, Gene Niemeyer, Vicki Niemeyer, Missy Niemeyer, Michele Bungum, Helen Mitchell, Patty Card, Bill Kelly, Don Cook, Curt Craig, Bob Jewell


June, 1983
Slow Dance on the Killing Ground

Mr Glas --Dwight Kosary
Randall --Lou Henderson
Rosie --Terri Morgan

Director --Victoria McAllister
Producer --Lou Henderson
Asst Directors --Cathi Overstreet, Jean Henderson
Creative Designer/Lights and Set --Charles Atwell, Bob Jewell
Production Coordinator --Jim Miller
Stage Manager --J (Randy) Randle
Properties --Helen Mitchell, Cathi Overstreet
Light and Sound Technicians --Peter Kern, Nancy Keienburg
Make-up --Dany Kosary
Hair Styling - Peter Kern
Costume Mistress --Nancy Keienburg
Program Cover Design --Roslyn Long
Program Design and Layout --Nancy Austere
Portrait and Production Photographer --Jeff Clark
House Manager --Ann Cook
Construction Crew --Nancy Austere, Charles Atwell, Bob Jewell, Ike Kosary, Lou Henderson, Jean henderson, Don Cook, Russell Lockridge, nancy Keienburg, Peter Kern, Ruth Weiershaueser, Jim Miller, Victoria McAllister, Cathi Overcast, Terri Morgan, Frank Morgan, John Wade, Gene Niemeyer

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