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Here is information we have gathered from former Roadside participants on past shows and casts. We will continually update these historical pages as we receive new information. If you have any leads on Roadside's past, please contact us.

1983-1984 Season (partial history)

Director, Entertainment Branch - Ms M. A. Hodgson
Music Center Director - Mrs. R. M. Fresquez
Theatre Center Director - Mr R. Mason-Osann
Theatre Assistant - Ms P. Statz

Oct, 1983
Love's A Luxury

Molly - Cathi Overstreet
Charles Pentwick - David Disharoon
Bobby Bentley - Ron Franklin
Mr. Mole - Richard Wagers
Fritzy Villiers - Adrienne Rieck
Dick Pentwick - Earl Murnahan
Mrs. Charles Pentwick - Margie Mauldin
Mrs. Harris - nancy Austere
Jollop - Frank Morgan

Director - Ken Wood
Asst Director - Terri Morgan
Stage Manager - Frank Morgan
Asst Stage Manager - Kip Needler
Set Design - Ike Kosary
Lights & Sound - Bill Kelly, Shirley Opperman
Properties - Trish & Kip Needler, Phyllis Wood
Make-up - Dany Kosary, Jacque Gray, Trish Needler
Costumes - Nancy Keienburg, Marie McCarty
Hair Styling - Peter Kern
Program - Nancy Austere
Portrait Photographer - Ron Franklin
Production Photography - Nancy Austere, Ron Franklin
House Manager - Ruth Weiershaeuser
Construction Crew - Margie Mauldin, Ike Kosary, Frank Morgan, david Latch, Bill Kelly, Ron Franklin, Earl Murnahan, Richard Wagers, Cathi Overcast, Lou Henderson, Phyllis Wood, Erich Wood, Kris Wood, Cindy Martin, Adrienne Rieck

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Feb, 1984
The Phildelphia Story

Tracy Lord - Rebecca Carter
Dinah Lord - Barbara Messing
Margaret Lord - Nancy Austere
Alexander (Sandy) Lord - Murdock Martin
Thomas - Jim Rojas
William (Uncle Willie) Tracy - Ken Wood
Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie - Josephine Perkins
Macaulay (Mike) Connor - Mike Fuller
George Kittredge - Matthew Bruehler
C.K. Dexter Haven - Ron Franklin
Seth Lord - Dwight Kosary
May - Cathi Overstreet
Mac - Bill Kelly
Elsie - Courtney Henke
Dr. Parsons - Phil Messing

Director - Ann Cook
Asst Director - Nancy Keienburg

April, 1984
That Championship Season

Tom Daley - John M. Pfaffe
George Sikowski - James M. Frank
James Daley - Mike Gray
Phil Romano - Richmond P. Woodson, Jr
Coach - Dwight Kosary

Director - RIck Mason-Osann
Asst to the Director - Murdock Martin
Stage Manager - Nancy Austere
Production Coordinator - Cathi Overstreet
Lighting Design - Bill Kelly
Lighting Asst - Ann Cook
Props - Jim Rojas, Cathi Overstreet
Make-up - Dany Kosary, Jacquelyn Helms-Gray
Costume Design - Courtney Hendki
Hair Styling - Peter Kern
Costume Asst - Rebecca Carter
Program - Nancy Austere
Photographer - Jeannie Minnix
House Manager - Terri Morgan
Construction Crew - Ann Cook, Jim Frank, Mike Gray, Dwight Kosary, Dave McCarty, John Pfaffe, Jim Rojas, Pat Statz, Ruth Weiershaueser, Richmond Woodson

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May, 1984
The Cotton Club Revue
conceived and written by CPT Curtis B Taylor, US Army, Europe, and Frank M. Mundy
Performed in the Heidelberg Stadthalle

Your Club Host - Dennis Lawshea
The Club Regulars - Clyde Ligons, Helton Saxton, Patrick Armand, Kenneth Charity, Godfrey Coltrain, Yvonne Quezaire, Joan Grayson, Deneen Jones, Paulette Milan, Mimi Butler, Joanne Caylor
The Cotton Club Dancers - June Fleming, Hope Darnauer, Yvonne Quezaire, Curtis Craig, Kalvin Bennett, Godfrey Coltrain, Verbon Pauldo, Darlene Winchester, Deborah Simmons

The USAREUR and 7th Army Stage Band as "The Duke Ellington Orchestra"
The Girls Who Sing with the Band - Shirley Willis, Balladeen Jackson and Eleanor Jennings

Director/Music Arranger/Conductor - Curtis Taylor
Production Supervisor - Rosemarie Fresquez
Asst Production Supervisor - Kathrine Hayes
Choreographer/Costume Consultant - Barbara Anne Boyd-Smith
Asst Choreographer - Babette Portillo
Asst Director, Music (instrumental) - Ricardo C. Hatton
Asst Director, Music (vocal) - Cecelia Colby
Technical Director/Lighting Design - Rick Mason-Osann
Tech Assistants - James Graham, Keith Anders
Lighting Technicians - Terry Slade,Robert Frantz, Van Arsdale, Gary Donaldson, Ernie Waites, Eddie Evans
Scenic Design - Carlos Williams
Construction Chief - Bill McMilliam
Set Construction - JR Nelson, Van Arsdale, Mike Krfoger, Eddie Evans, Chuck Fullilove, Sam Waldrup, Jack Hartmann, Tony Bell
Sound - William West
Stage Manager - Don Cook
Asst Stage Manager - Jim Miller
Costume Mistress - Rene Joseph
Costumes - Barbara Smith, Abby Taylor
Makeup - Dany Kosary, Barbara Smith, Rene Joseph, Rosemarie Fresquez
Hair Creations - Barbara Smith, Rene Joseph
Program and Ticket Design & Layout - Nancy Austere
Photographer - Ron Franklin
Properties - Sam Waldrup
Special Publicity - Darrell Holmes

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June, 1984
No Exit

Cradeau - Ted Simons
Boy - Clyde C. Ligons
Inez - Josephine G. Perkins
Estelle - Terri Morgan

Director - Nancy Austere
Asst to the Director - Ken Wood
Stage Managers - Mike Gray, Murdock Martin
Lights - Jim Dorovich, Phil Rumley, Bill Kelly
Make-up - Jacquelyn Helms- Gray
Costumes - Nancy Keienburg
Hair Styling - Peter Kern
Photographer - Jeanne-marie Minnix
Construction Crew - Dave McCarty, Bill Sanders, Ken Wood, Dave Latch, Randy Randle, Brad Day, Charles Messing, Tim DeWitte, pat Statz, Richard Wagers, Phil Rumley, Rick Mason-Osann, Ted Simons, jeannie Eckert, Josie Perkins, Terri Morgan, Kris Wood

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