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Here is information we have gathered from former Roadside participants on past shows and casts. We will continually update these historical pages as we receive new information. If you have any leads on Roadside's past, please contact us.

1984-1985 Season (partial history)

Entertainment Director - Ms. M.A. Hodgson
Theatre Director - Rick Mason-Osann
Theatre Assistant - Ms P. Statz

Oct, 1984
Ah, Wilderness

Nat Miller - Jim Bostick
Essie - Nancy Austere
Arthur - Donald F. Rozek, Jr
Richard - Dave Spradling
Mildred - Sarah French
Tommy - Kevin French
Sid Davis - Craig Iles
Lily Miller - Nancy M. Spradling
David McComber - Walter Kunz
Muriel McComber - Pamela L.Bombard
Wint Selby - Matt Bruehler
Belle - Jeanne M. Minnix
NOrah - Teresa Baydowicz
Bartender - Jeff Herwatt
Salesman - Duane Leon Wright
Edith - Rana Ackerman
Customer - John W. Motta

Director - Rick Mason-Osann
Asst Director - Patricia Statz
Stage Manager - Murdock Martin
Construction Chief - Bill Sanders
Costumes - Nancy Keienburg
Hair Styling - Peter Kern
Lighting - John Pfaffe
Sound - Randy Smith
Properties - Dan O'Donnell
Make-up - Cathi Overcast
Accompanist - Murdock Martin

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May, 1985

Master of Ceremonies - Don Cook
Clifford Bradshaw - Stephen Likewich
Ernst Ludwig - Matt Bruehler
Customes Official - Peter Kern
Fraulein Schneider - Ruth Weiershaeuser
Herr Schultz - Craig Iles
Fraulein Kost - Joanne Caylor
Sally  Bowles - Janette Robertson
Max - Kal Johnsson
Two Ladies - Sandra Dale King, Paige J Jones
German Soldiers - J(Randy) Randle, Jim Rojas, Kal Jolhnsson
Kit Kat Girls - Sally-Ann Clough, June S Fleming, Astrid Guenther, Polly Lasker, Babette M Portillo
Waiters - Jeff Herwatt, Jammie J Williams, Greg D VanVranken, Antonio Zacheus
Gorilla - J (Randy) Randle
Kit Kat Clientale - Cathi Overstreet, Marlene K Simjpson
Soloist - Mark T Urias
Taxi Man - Jim Rojas

Director - Patricia J Statz
Musical Directcor - Lynn Martindale
Asst Director - Jeanne Minnix
Orchestra Conductor - Leo Salazar
Set Design - Jeanne Minnix
Choreographer - Paul Porter
Stage Manager - Pam Bombard
Construction Chief - Bill Sanders
Crew Chief - Josephine Perkins
Light Design - Rick Mason-Osann
Light Crew - Ann Diaz, J (Randy) Randle, Dave Roland
Props - Patti Card
Costumes - Nancy Keienburg, Kathryn Walker
Hair Stylist - Peter Kern
Makeup - Dany Kosary, Annette Belcher, Cathi Overstreet, Hildi Serrano
Photography, Program Design - Jeanne Minnix
Publicity - Jodi Ainsworth
Construction Crew - Eva Bauer, Annette Belcher, Ann Diaz, Tom Giroux, Joh, Ohearn, Linda Paul, Terry and Sally Price, Kelli Reche, Rob Roy and cast & crew

flute - Leo Salazar
Bass - Bruce Warnock
Drums - Michael Hildebrant
Clarinet - Susan Coe
Tenor sax - Jeff Coffman
Bass clarinet - Tom Metz
Pianist - Jim Eckerling
Pianist - Stefan Follman

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