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Here is information we have gathered from former Roadside participants on past shows and casts. We will continually update these historical pages as we receive new information. If you have any leads on Roadside's past, please contact us.

1985-1986 Season (partial history)

April, 1986
The Foreigner

by Larry Shue

SSgt "Froggy" LeSueur --John M. Pfaffe
Charlie baker --Neil Coldwells
Betty Meeks --Nancy Austere
Rev. David Marshall Lee --T.D. Balthaser
Catherine Simms --Pamela L. Bombard
Owen Musser --Vernon C. Porterfield
Ellard Simms --Andrew Culjak

Director --Bob Horan
Asst Director --Ruth Weiershaeuser
Stage Manager --Jayne Sadlon
Asst Stage Manager --Laura Heinze
Lights &Sound --Suzanne Stevens, Jim Dorovich, Linda Paul, Barbara Meadors
Properties --Andre Corbin, Pete Seager
Costumes --Nancy Keienburg
Harmonica Music --Pete Seager
Program --Nancy Austere
Photographer --Jason C. Penny
House Manager --David Miller
Construction --Cast & Crew, Bill Sauners, Cynthia Butler, Jeannie Eckert, Carlton McNeil

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June, 1986

Music by Frederick Loewe, Book and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerne

Sir Dinadan --Rancy Fries
Sir Lionel --SSG Donald T, Miller
Merlyn --John McQueen
King Arthur --E5 Andrew Culjak
Guenevere --Valerie York
Nimue --Paige J. Jones
Page --Robert Henkel
Lancelot --SSG D. T. McCarthy
Dap --E3 Andre B. Corbin
King Pellinore --Jim Bostick
Horrid --Barnaby
Lacy Sybill --Polly Lasker
Sir Sagramore --Aaron Neptune
Lady Anne --Andrea Pollitt
Jesters --Jeannie Eckert, Polly Lasker
Mordred --Wesley West
MOrgan Le Fey --Cynthia Butler
Executioner --John McQueen
Priest --Andre Corbin
Herald --David Sohacki
Tom --Dylan Patterson

Ladies of the Court --Joan Baker, Kathi Dull, Paige Jones, Caroline McKaskle, Janette Robertson
Knights of the Round Table --Rhett Bakke, E3 AndreCorbin, Robert Henkel, David Sohacki
Court of Morgan Le Fey --Rhett Bakke, Jeannie eckert, Robert Henkel, Polly Lasker, Andrea Pollitt

Director --J. (Randy) Randle
Musical Director --Richard Vartigans
Asst Directors --Jim Bostick, Jeannie Eckert
Choreographer --Andrea Pollitt
Production Coordinator --Barbara Meaders
Stage Manager --Suzanne Stevens
Asst Stage Manager --Jeannie Eckert, Vernon Porterfiled
Set Design --J. (Randy) Randle
Light Design --Duane Mallaber
Light Crew --Barbara Meaders, Dave Chandler
Sound and Lights --Pat Colson, Cathy Ackerman
Makeup Advisor --Nancy Austere
Makeup --Todd Balthaser, Yolanda Madecki, Cathy Ackerman
Properties --Eva Bauer, Linda Prono
Costumes --Nancy Keienburg
Costume Asst --Teri Porterfield, Ronnica Ybarra, Vanessa Ybarra
Scenic Artists --Kathy Ackermann, Wesley West, Duane Mallaber, John Downey
Set Construction Chief --Bill Sanders
House Manager --Carlton McNeil
Program --Duane Mallaber, Erick Risch, A.K. Stell

Trumpet --Ginger Shaw, Jeff Showers
Clarinet --David Miller, Paul Martin
Flute/Piccolo --Leo Salazar
Trombone --Mark Denison
French Horn --Chris Comulada, Jerry St. Michael
Violin --Mary Neptune
Cello --Adrienne Stoffer
Bass --Bruce Warnock
Piano --Dick Vardigans

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