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Here is information we have gathered from former Roadside participants on past shows and casts. We will continually update these historical pages as we receive new information. If you have any leads on Roadside's past, please contact us.

1986-1987 Season (partial history)

October, 1986
Their Playing Our Song

Book by Neil Simon, Music by Marvin Hammlisch, Lyrics by Carole Bayer Sager

Vernon Gersch --Ken Gurne
Sonia Walsk --Joanne Nelson
Sonia's Voices --Meredith Corcoran, Rene Flaherty, Polly Lasker
Vernon's Voices --Andrew Culjak, Carlton McNeil
Phil --Andrew Culjak

Director --Albert LeDoux
Asst Director --Cynthia Butler
Choreographer --Patricia Statz
Set Design --Duane Mallaber
Stage Manager --Joan Marie Cappella
Asst Stage Manager --Cathi Overcast
Lighting --Thomas Rodgers, Janice Lander, Diane Keeley
Costumes --Caroline Davis
Props --Cathi Overcast
Run Crew --David Miller
House Manager --Mark T. Urias
Set Construction --Cast &Crew, Laura Heinze, Jim Conrad, Mike Conrad, Carolyn Bottigi

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December, 1986
The Stingiest Man in Town

[Held in the movie theater on Nachrichten Kaserne ]
Music by Fred Spielman, Book and Lyrics by Janice Torre

Director --Patricia J Statz (January 25, 1960� September 11, 2001)

Narrator --Cynthia Butler
Scrooge --Ron Duquette
Jacob Marley --Carlton B McNeil
Ghost of Christmas Past --Dona M. Machovina
Ghost of Christmas Present --Neil J. Coldwells
Ghost of Christmas-Yet-to-Come --David Coker
Mrs Dilber (housekeeper) --Linda Draper
Henry Hawkins --Ken Gurne
Mr Fezziwig --Jim Conrad
Mrs. Fezziwig --Suzette M. Francisco

Belle --Tina M. Brisson
Scrooge (child)
Scrooge (young man) --Bob Henkel
Fred (Scrooge�s nephew) --Andrew Culjak
Betty --Suzette M. Fancisco
Bob Cratchit --David Coker
Mrs Cratchit --Diane Keeley
Gentlewoman -- Cynthia Butler
Gentleman --Neil J. Coldwells
Tiny Tim --Dave M. Loppiccolo
Martha -- Rasha Stephens
Peter --Craig B. Kent
Belinda --Jennifer Boyd
Billy --Alexander Pappas
Annie --Lesley R. Rauch
Susan --Dona M. Machovina
Topper --Carlton McNeil
Alice --Tina M. Brisson
Guests --Linda Draper, Bob Henkel
Beggars --Rasha Stephens, Bob Henkel
Clerks --Carlton McNeil, Craig B. Kent
Girls --Rasha Stephens, Jennifer Boyd
Schoolboy --Alexander H. Pappas
Fan --Lesley R. Rauch
Children: Rasha Stephens, Leslie Rauch,

London Carolers -- Amy Chase, Sabine Winzenburg, Amanda Chambers, Nina rauch, Rebecca Ferguson, Mary E. LoPiccolo, Ami Younger, Steve Stephens, Mike Conrad

Musical Director --Albert LeDoux
Set Design --Duane Mallaber
Light Design --Duane Mallaber
Lighting Tech --Barbara Meadors
Stage Manager --Joan Capella
Vocal Coach --Cecelia Colby
Choreographer --Patricia J. Statz
Dance Instructor --Polly Lasker
Properties --Linda Draper, Bobby Bakke
Makeup --John Downie, Sharon Gay, Janet Reichart
Costumes --Sabine Winzenburg, Jim Conrad
Followspots --SteveStephens, Barbara Hopkins
Sound --Brian Shipman
House Manager --Marsha Risch, Laura Culjak
Program --Brian Shipman
Photographer --Duane Mallaber

Flute -- Leo Salazar
Clarinet --Paul Marin, Randy Lauscher, Gayle Lennon
Trumpet --Ginger Shaw
Horn --Chris Comulada
Trombone --Rich Grubbs, Mark Denison
Bass --Mark Lennon, Bruce Warnock
Piano --Adrienne Stofer
Sythensizer --Nora Germain

Cynthia Butler (now Duquette) remembers (February, 2002): During the street scene ("An Old Fashioned Christmas") and during the party scene at Fred and Betty�s home, Carlton McNeil had blackened one of his teeth as a joke � he would only flash his smile when his back was towards the audience, but everyone cracked up and could barely make it through the party scene. During notes after the show, Pat made mention that the party scene was really believable that night � people really did seem to be laughing and having a good time. Dave Coker, who played Bob Cratchit and the Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come, was also the person who crawled under the platform that held Scrooges bedroom � his job (being the tallest person) was to pop up a Christmas tree which would light once in place for the Ghost of Christmas Present�s big entrance. One night, during performance, the person running lights missed a cue and forgot to turn on the tree � Dave gave the tree a few hopeful shakes, hoping to attract some attention � then, getting desperate (he had to get into the Cratchit home for the next scene) he began waving the tree back and forth � luckily our lighting person finally noticed and turned the tree on.

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February, 1987
Blithe Spirit

by Noel Coward

Edith --Alynn Farmer
Ruth --Cathi Overcast
Charles --John D. Downie
Dr. Bradman --Leon C. Rogers
Mrs. Bradman --Cara Lea Shockley
Madame Arcati --Valerie Yourk
Elvira --Julie Smith
Daphne --Natasha Arnold

Pre-Show Staff:
Carruthers --David Coker
Mrs Wickman --Janet Reichert
Smythe --Ronald Duquette, Theodore T. Villella IV
Bentley --Tim Moeller
Kate --Jeanne Echert
Magie --Diane Keeley, Melaie L. Williams

Director --Mary Alice Hodgson
Stage Manager --Suzanne Stevens
Set Design --Duane Mallaber
Costumes --Terri Porterfield, Sharon Gay

Tech Director --Barb Meadors
Asst Stage Manager --Polly Lasker
LIghting --barb Meadors, Chad Lash
Program --Duane Mallaber, PJ Statz
Props --Tim Moeller, Tina Brisson
Makeup --Kim Bolinger, PJ Statz
Sound --Ronald Duquette
construction --Vernon, Porterfield, calrton McNeil, Andrew Culjak, Cynthia Butler, Cast & Crew

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April, 1987
The Murder Room

by John Sharkey

Edgar Hollister --Vernon Porterfield
Mavis Templeton Holliser --Julie Smith
Mrs Lottie Molloy --Jeannie Eckert
Inspector James Crandall --Ken Gurne
Susan Holliser --Vicky Mac Donald
Barry Draper --Theodore Villella III

Director --Cynthia Butler
Asst Director --Laura Heinze, Janet Reichert
Set Design --John Downie
Stage Manager --Andrew Culjak
Asst Stage Manager --Anna Mario Allen
Costumes --Linda Wright
Lights --Barb Meadows
Sound Design --Ron Duquette
House Manager --Cathi Overcast-Pope
Set Construction --Cast & Crew, David Coker, Jim Conrad, Carlton McNeil, Leon Rogers

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May, 1987
Little Me

Book by Neil Simon, Music by Cy Coleman, Lyrics by Carolyn Leigh

Butler --Theodore Villella III
Patrick Dennis --Leon Rogers
Miss Poitrine (today) --B. Gail Hillyer
Momma --Cahti Overcast-Pope
Belle --Vicky MacDonald
George Musgrove --Jamie Williams
Brucey --Laura Schueler
Ramona --Julie Smith
Noble Eggleston --Chad Lash
Mrs. Eggleston --Leanne Topping
Miss Kepplewhite --Alynn Farmer
Nurse --Cynthia Hansell
Mr. Pinchley --Chad Lash
Pinchley Jr --Laura Schueler
Kleeg --Patricia J. Statz
Newsboy --Tyler Johnson
Bernie Buchsbaum --Ron Duquette
Benny Buchsbaum --Charlie Bates
Defense Lawyer --Anna Maria Allen
Val Du Val --Chad Lash
Colette --Polly Lasker
Fred Poitrine --Chad Lash
Suzie --Tyler Johnson
Kitty --Ann Powers
Preacher --Ron Duquette
German Officer --Gus Hendrix
General --Danny Dexter
Otto Schnitzler --Chad Lash
Secretary --Alynn Farmer
Production Asst --Patricia J. Statz
Pharoah --Gus Hendrix
Victor --Theodore T. Villella III
Prince Cherney --Chad Lash
Yulnick --Andrew Culjak
Nurse --Cynthia Hansell
Baby --Vicky MacDonald
Noble (Junior) --Chad Lash

Dancers --Polly Lasker, Alynn Farmer, Laura Shueler, Patrica J. Statz, Anna Maria Allen, Andrew Culjak, Theodore T. Villella III, Gus Hendrix

Director --John Downie
Asst Director --Cathi Overcast-Pope
Musical Director --Albert LeDoux
Vocal Coach --Elizabeth Nance-Coker
Choreographers --Alynn Farmer, Patrica J. Statz
Stage Manager --Cynthia Butler
Set Design --John Downie
Lighting --Barb Meadors
Costumes --Linda Wright, Sharon Gay
Run Crew --cast
House Manager --Cona M. Machovina
Set Construction --Cast & Crew, Mary Alice Hodgson, Dan Hicok, Dave Coker

Piano --Albert LeDoux, Adrienne Stofer
Bass --Lee Stofer

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