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Here is information we have gathered from former Roadside participants on past shows and casts. We will continually update these historical pages as we receive new information. If you have any leads on Roadside's past, please contact us.

1987-1988 Season (partial history)

October, 1987
Mister Roberts

-by Thomas Heggan and Joshua Logan

Lieutenant (JG) Roberts --Andrew T. Culjak
Doc --Leon C. Rogers
Ensign Pulver --Theodore T. Villella III
The Captain --Vernon Porterfield
Dowdy --Montie G. Elston
Dolan --Ken Gurne
Insigna --Shane Pike
Mannion --John Overcast
Lindstrom --David E. Sohacki
Stefanowski --Ray Griffin
Wiley --John Tayler
Gerhart --Ralf Mattern
Lieutenant Ann Girard --Dona M. Machovina
Shore Patrol Officer --Charlie Bates
Miltary Policeman --Joey B. Ellis

Director --Patricia Statz
Set and Light Designer --Patricia Statz
Construction Crew Chief --Leon Rogers
Stage Manager --Alynn Farmer
Make Up --Cathi Overcast-Pope
Costumes --Linda Wright
Lights --Cynthia Butler
Sound --Albert Le Doux, Jr.
Sound Board --Donna Machovina
Properties --Julie Smith, Vicky MacDonald
Photographer --Michael F. Corcoran
House Manager --Jeanne Topping
Set Construction --Cast and crew, and Dave Coker
Goat provided by Franz and Margareta Gruming
Entertainment Director --Mary Alice Hodgson

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March, 1988
The Sound of Music

-music by Richard Rodgers, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II
-book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse
-suggested by "The Trapp Family Singers" by Maria Augusta Trapp
(held at the Heidelberg Officers Club)

Maria Rainer --Elizabeth Nance-Coker
The Mother Abbess --Roseann T. Gladis
Sister Berthe --Mary M McQueen
Sister Margaretta --Janet Winter
Sister Sophia --Joan Baker
Captain Georg von Trapp --Dennis Coker
Franz --Chris Johnson
Frau Schmidt --Cynthia Butler
Liesl --Patricia J. Statz
Friedrich --Stephan John Aguirre
Louisa --Stacey L. Cowart
Kurt --Bobby Becker
Brigitta --Kirsten Wiliams
Marta --Vanessa L. Valles
Gretl --Meredith Leson
Rolf Gruber --Andre B. Clouatre
Elsa Schraeder --Valerie York
Max Detweiler --Ron Duquette
Herr Zeller --Andrew T. Culjak
Frau Zeller --Karen Dehaenen
Baron Elberfeld --Michael Corcoran
Baraoness Elberfeld --Karen E. Johnson
Admiral von Schreiber --James Murray

The Nuns of Nonnberg Abbey: Ginny Culclasure, Karen Dehaenen, Nina Dittrich, Tatter Hartmann, Karen E. Johnson, Kaye Leeper, Margaret MacDonald, Carem Mendyk, Claudette J. Micket, Carol Morello, Pam Moser, Marjorie E. Palmer, Randee Trimble, Jean Troy, Tina Troy, Jennifer Williams, Judy Williams.

Guests of Captain von Trapp and Soldiers: Bruce E. Bowman, Dave Coker, Mark Cressler, Ralf Mattern.

Director --Albert LeDoux
Assistant Director --Cynthia Butler
Choreography --Korina Mitchell
Light Design --Chris Johnson
Props --Linda Wright
Set Construction Chief --Leon Rogers
Stage Manager --Jeanne Topping
Rehearsal Accompanist --Mary Brock
Photographer --Michael F. Corcoran

Violin --Larry Deskins. Sharlene Gilmer, Treon Brown, Dorothy O'Conner, Laura Schueler
Flute --Leo Salazar
Clarinet --Gayle Lennon
Oboe --Marcus Sahm
Horn --Chris Comulada
Trumpet --Terry Bradley
Trombone --Rich Grubbs
Piano --Mary Brock, Ruth Becker
Viola --Stephanie Hartmann
Cello --Christopher Jarrett, Helena Rosewell
Bass --Mark Lennon
Percussion --Jackie Bradley
Entertainment Director --Mary Alice Hodgson

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April, 1988
The Gazebo

-by Alec Coppel

Elliot Nash --Chad Lash
Nell Nash --Julie Smith
Harlow Edison --Jon Rankin
Mrs Chandler --Rebecca Lane
Mr. Thorpe --Danny Pike
Matilda --Jeanne Topping
Dook --D.J. Topping
Louie --Ron Duquette
Detective Jenkins --Andrew Culjak
Dr. Wyner --Shane Pike
Officer Druker --Vicky MacDonald
Officer Potts --Michael Gibson

Director --Cynthia Butler
Stage Manager --Linda Wright
Lighting Design --Chris Johnson
Lighting Crew --Ethan Topping
Sound Design --Ron Duquette
Sound Crew --Shane Pike
Properties --Mary H. Washington
Costumes --Eileen Heenan
Make Up --Karey Gregor
House Manager --Cindy C. Durling
Set Construction --Chief Leon Rogers
Set Construction --Cast and Crew
Entertainment Director --Mary Alice Hodgson

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