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Here is information we have gathered from former Roadside participants on past shows and casts. We will continually update these historical pages as we receive new information. If you have any leads on Roadside's past, please contact us.

1992-1993 Season (partial history)

June, 1993
The Front Page

Endicott (Post) --Vanessa Kirk
Murphy (Journal) --Marilyn Lorimor
McCue (City Press --Doris Haynes-Miller
Bensinger (Tribune) --Paul Schmanske
Hildy Johnson (Examiner) --Kevin Laws
Woodenshoes Eichorn --Stuart Peace
Jennie --Anita Gosch
Mollie Malloy --Kelly Metzger
Sheriff Hartman --Tim Ruggio
Peggy Grant --Kari Sharpe
Mrs Grant --Trudy Haemmerling
Mayor --Randy Kocher
Mr. Pincus --Mike Hester
Earl Williams --Marty Ivester
Walter Burns --John Brown

Director --Steve Doke
Set Design --Steve Doke
Set Painting --Kathy Cutforth, Jim Hoerricks
Set Construction --Steven Doke, Oliver Roemer, Jim Hoerricks
Props/Costumes --Cast & Crew
LIghting -Heather Ruggio
Sound --Jim Hoerricks
Program Design --Don Lorimor

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