IMCOM-Europe "Friend of Recreation" Award

The IMCOM-Europe "Friend of Recreation" Award is granted to volunteers who have had an impact in improving the recreation program and community quality of life, and who possess unique and outstanding qualities that merit recognition.

On September 11, 2009 we received word that Michiel DeVito will be presented with this award.

That Michiel more than deserves this award is no surprise to the Roadside! In her eight years at the Roadside Theater, Michiel has served as a Volunteer Staff Costume Mistress for over 48 theatrical productions. Her involvement and contributions have also enhanced other areas of the program including sets, props and participant development, and have benfited the program as a whole.

Although Michiel's primary focus is on costumes, her contribution to the program extends far beyond that one area. Michiel is a wonderful presence in the program. She is invaluably gracious and welcoming to all new participants and is concerned with everyone's well-being and their enjoyment of the program. Michiel's selfless contribution of volunteer hours is incredibly valuable to the Entertainment Staff and the program. These hours can add up to as much as 30 hours per week on some productions. Her contributions, talents and vision have helped the Roadside Theater achieve a reputation of exceptional productions and professional standards.

Michiel DeVito deserves great credit and recognition for the amount of time, effort and talent she offers the Roadside Theater and the Heidelberg Community. Roadside productions are far better due to her participation. The quality of each production is greatly enhanced with Michiel's tireless contributions, creativity, generousity and talents. The Roadside Theater receives numerous awards due to her involvement, making it a superior theater in Europe. With her contributions, the Entertainment Staff can more easily expand and improve programming. Her presence helps the Roadside better serve and meet the needs of the Heidelberg Community. The Roadside Theater Volunteer Participants have a much more enjoyable experience in the program with her involvement. Her warmth, generousity and concern for others is vital in sustaining and increasing what is known as "The Roadside Family."

Our heartfelt congratulations go out to you, Michiel!