One-Act Festival
Technical Requirements

The Tech Director will be available on FRIDAY by appointment to tech any show. If you can't be there to work your tech at that time, your tech time falls in the official 10 minute setup and strike periods.

Everyone is allowed ONLY 6 light specials. You have to hang and focus all specials, although we can help you program the light board. Two follow-spot lights are also available, but you will need to provide operators. They will not be considered as specials. There also will be an electronic keyboard (Clavinova) available.

See below for the exact stage dimensions, leg and curtain placements.

Lights are operated from the tech booth behind the rear wall of the house. Sound may be operated either from the booth, or from an auxiliary sound booth in the back of the house (this gives you better realtime control of sound levels).  We have cassette, CD, and mini-disc sound capabilities. Light and sound board operators will be provided if needed.


(Please note the blue arrows in the sketch below)  Each group will have their set pieces and props ready to load-in from the parking lot in front of the building. When directed by the Stage Manager, they will enter through the house right door, up the stage steps, and load into the ten-foot square "IN" box backstage. All props, costumes, and set pieces must fit into this box. This is not a timed load-in, but groups should be waiting in the parking lot and ready to move so the tournament is not delayed. This load-in will occur while the previous group is hearing its adjudication.

When directed by the Stage Manager, each group will have ten minutes to move out of the "IN" box and build their set, set up their orchestra, and pre-set their props and costumes. This is a timed move.

After the performance, when directed by the Stage Manager, the group will have ten minutes to strike the set, props and costumes into the "OUT" box backstage. This is a timed move. Then they will sit in the house for their adjudication. After the adjudication and when directed by the Stage Manager, each group will strike all their equipment down the stage right steps, through the house left door, around the building, and back out to the parking lot. This is not a timed move.

The Stage

Here is a sketch of the Festival stage layout. The wavy lines represent black curtains.  There will be four legs on each side of the stage, creating a wing space about ten feet deep. There will be an upstage curtain between the playing area and the IN/OUT area.  In front of this upstage curtain, there is an optional white scrim that can be used if desired.  The farthest-upstage legs are wide enough to allow an actor to make a backstage cross behind the upstage curtain without being seen by the audience.  There is a false proscenium built downstage (green lines); these are about seven feet wide. There will be a proscenium curtain downstage.

Here are the actual dimensions of the stage: