by Elaine May
One of Off-Broadway's all-time successes, this excruciatingly funny and truly satiric play examines and dissects the shortcomings of modern society with rare wit and inventiveness.  Played like a board game in which the contestant advances or is sent back through the seven ages of mant, the play creates a picture of man from birth until death, with all its madness, with all its familiarity and with all its nonsense. What's more, a quartet of male and female players assist the incomparable contestant from "mewling infant" to "second childishness and mere oblivion." Incident after incident makes you laugh and suddenly makes you stop and think that maybe you're laughing at yourself.
"...a brilliant, funny and original one-acter." —Newsday.
"It is witty and sound and very funny." —The New Yorker

Production Photos

Cast & Crew
Games Master
LTC Ernie Washington
Male Players
Tom Helfrich, Lemuel Thornton
Female Players
Constance Howard, Carol Mussoter
CPT Peter Perzel
Card Girl
Nilene Quigley
Kerri Pangman
Stage Manager
Sandy Sapatka
Light Operator
Vicki Metcalf