"For Whom The Southern Belle Tolls" (Oct 98)

Winner of 8 Awards at the 1998 One-Act Festival
Directed by Ron Paoletti
Set and Sound Design by Ron Paoletti
Lighting Design by Vic Phillipson

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If I had connections in the Mafia,
I'd break both your legs, Lawrence!
Don't make me laugh, Mama--
--remember my asthma!
Stop holding your breath,
Cast accepting BEST ENSEMBLE
from Brig. Gen. Hendrix
at the awards ceremony:(l to r)
Michele Lee Cobb
Julie Smith
Michael Edward Payne
Jim Mahon
(each of whom also won
individual honors)


The story: In this parody of "The Glass Menagerie," the fading Southern Belle, Amanda, tries to prepare her hypochondriacal son, Lawrence, for the arrival of the feminine caller, Ginny, who is overbearingly friendly. Terrified of people, Lawrence plays with his collection of glass swizzle sticks while Tom, Amanda's other son, just wants to go to the movies. Amanda tries to face everything with charm and vivacity, but sometimes she just wants to hit somebody.

Playwright Christopher Durang writes, "I've always had a strong reaction to 'The Glass Menagerie.' I think it's quite a wonderful play. Though I as a child always felt sympathy for Laura, as an adult I started to find Laura's sensitivity frustrating. I mean, how hard was typing class really? And though in my youth I found Laura's interest in her glass animals to be sweet and otherworldly, now as an adult, I felt restless with her little hobby. I started to find Laura annoying and frustrating. I do feel affectionate toward the original play, but there is something about sweet, sensitive Laura that seems to have gotten on my nerves."

Amanda . . . Ms. Julie Culjak
Lawrence . . Mr. Jim Mahon
Tom . . Mr. Michael Payne
Ginny . . . Ms Michelle Lee Cobb
Director . . . Ron Paoletti
Technical Director . . Vic Phillipson
Stage Manager . . Ms Susan Lunt