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Box Office Information

Tickets and Reservations
Bldg. 109, Patton Barracks
Box Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 12-5 pm
373-5020 or 06221-175020
Season Tickets can be purchased online at:

Here are our Prices and Policies and our on-line Reservations Form.

We welcome your comments, ideas and questions.
Use our online FeedBak form or use our email:
or fax: military: 373-6134, civilian: 06221-176134. 

Or visit our Roadside Theater facebook group!

You can also send your comments directly to the community leadership through the Dept of Defense "ICE" program.  Tell the Powers That Be know how you feel about Roadside! Click here.

Snail Mail:

US Mail:
Roadside Theater
411 BSB - Heidelberg
Unit 29245
APO AE 09102

International Mail:
Roadside Theater
US Army Patton Barracks,
Geb 109
Kircheimer Weg 4
69124 Heidelberg

For more information about finding the theater, making reservations,
access to Patton Barracks, and other important information,
please read our FAQ.