The New Guy!

Mr. Dane Winters is our new Artistic Director, as of December, 2000.

Where are you from ... where you been..? Originally from Oklahoma (my brothers look like ZZ Top), I also lived in Colorado and Texas. I attended the Actors Professional Training program at the Dallas Theatre Center, receiving my MFA in acting and design through Trinity University. I spent 3 1/2 years as a free-lance actor performing onstage with all-area theatre companies along with TV commercials, TV series, TV movies and feature films.

I came to Europe first in 1985 with a tour of BAREFOOT IN THE PARK for a Munich production company. I loved Europe and began working for Army Entertainment as a Music Specialist in Bamberg (1986-88). I moved to Stuttgart as the US Forces Theatre Center Director in 1988 and was promoted to the Community Entertainment Director in January 1999.

Why are you looking forward being the director of Roadside? I am looking forward to working with a great group of people in a growing and vibrant program.

Why is a community theater program important to a community? to the volunteers? That isn't an easy question, as I believe theatre and its benefits are an important basic element of any community or culture. Theatre provides a society a very necessary and beneficial tool for establshing, exploring and expressing itself as a community. For a miltary community overseas, it is an important means of increasing the quality of life, and as I said, of creating a sense of community and belonging. For the volunteers, both active participants and audience members, this creation and validation of community is also important. It is a means of artistic expression that can only broaden a person's horizons. International interaction and German/American relations are unique factors and special gifts of our overseas Army Entertainment Programs: it is a vital means of communicating and sharing cultural differences as well as similarities.

What do you hope to accomplish here at Roadside? I want to continue the great work Vic Phillipson did in expanding the program and increasing it's exposure to and impact on the military and civilian communities. I want to continue its growth as a place for people to gather, communicate and enjoy.

What do you have in mind for a season? outreach? changes, etc? I hope to establish some educational programming like acting classes. I am also looking forward to designing and producing in a space which is very different from the Stuttgart theatre faclity. It is a interesting space that is open for a lot of variety and experimentation. On top of all that - sheer FUN is a biggy.

Farewell to our former Director and mentor, Vic Phillipson

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