Here is the announcement we ran for Drood:

The Mystery Of Edwin Drood

a musical by Rupert Holmes

Drood is a "solve it yourself" show that poses the musical question: "Who murdered Edwin Drood?" Charles Dickens died before finishing the original story, and literary experts have been trying ever since to write the ending to this story, based on Dickens' notes and sketches. Here, for your entertainment, is the musical version of the finished novel.

But Rupert Holmes doesn't give us all the answers. He lays out the story and drops all the clues, but it's up to the audience to chose a murderer from eight possible murderers each night (truly an actor's nightmare!). Throughout the show, you'll hear some of the most moving, most clever, and most exciting music you've heard on stage. And some of the worst puns.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood won the Tony award for Best Musical, Best Book and Best Score. It is Broadway's wildly warm-hearted free-for-all; a theatrical experience that has entranced audiences, young and old, and critics alike.

Come along to the charming city of Cloisterham, and meet Edwin Drood, Rosa Bud, Princess Puffer, The Right Reverend Mr. Crisparkle, and the other exciting (and perhaps dastardly!) characters of this rollicking adventure.