" Hay Fever"

by Noel Coward

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Here is the Program
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Simon Bliss - SFC Steven Stanfill
Sorel Bliss - Kaidy Smith
Clara - - Amy Funderburk
Judith Bliss - Havi LePage
David Bliss - Dane Winters
Sandy Tyrell - SFC Arthur Rich
Myra Arundel - Constance Howard
Richard Greatham - David Burmedi
Jackie Loryton - Jane Gargett

Director Richard Roberts
Technical Director Dane Winters
Assistant Technical Directors Brian Rausch & Andy Meredith
Assistants to the Director Jane Helfrich, Jan Wotring & Monica Lacy
Stage Manager Jane Helfrich
“ Amy”/Stage Hand Stephanie Krebs
Light Board Operator Jan Wotring & Andy Meredith
Sound Operator Dan Stapula & Chris Pancake
Set Design Dane Winters, Andy Meredith & Brian Rausch
Specialty furniture and decor Eric Escher, Mike Edinger & David Dittmer
Light Design Dane Winters
Sound Design Danilo Stapula & Ron Paoletti
Costume Designers Elfi Carberry, Michiel Devito & Sandy Sapatka
Costume Support THEATRIX
Dialect Coach Andy Meredith
Set Construction Brian Rausch, Ed Olson, Sylvia & Chris Pancake,
Jonathan Pitt, Steve Devito, and the cast & crew
Fire Marshals Andy Meredith, Richard Roberts & Dane Winters
Poster Design Heather Gillespie
Program Editor Dane Winters & Richard Roberts
Front of House Manager Richard Roberts
Hospitality Staff John Anton, Megan Bryan, Natasha Bush, Tom Carberry,
Sue Nistl, Tom Carberry Jr., Joel Carner, Art Connor, Joyce Connor,
Debbie Dougherty, Priscilla Stapula,Gary Goshorn, Wanda Smith-Goshorn, Tom Helfrich, Jessica Hubbard, Deborah Johnson, Sharon Kissick, Marion Laragy, Valerie Laragy, Emma Leibfried, Kailen Sierra-Davidson, Louis Leibfried, Sue Leibfried, Doreen Lococo, Chris Pancake, Sylvia Pancake, Sylvia Rausch, Jessica Rigdon, Carol Mussotter, Kathie Ackerman, Rick and Mrs. Calnon, Carl Johnson, Anne Kopplin, Rosemarie Smith, Regina Rosenberger, Bernd Roeder

The Bliss family is privileged, rich, bored and ultra Bohemian. Judith Bliss has recently retired from the stage and, in order to assuage her boredom, has invited a young admirer to her country home for the weekend. She is more than a little put out to discover that her husband, son and daughter are also planning to entertain but that none of them has seen fit to inform the other members of the family. The visitors duly arrive only to be humiliated by the rudeness and self-obsession of their hosts who insist on involving them as supporting players in an increasingly hilarious and convoluted series of scenes and intrigues.

The characters are a rich assortment of 1920s almost-clichés: Judith, the self-indulgent-highly dramatic-recently retired- but soon to return actress who uses the world as her stage; her husband, David, the self-indulgent writer who uses everyone as fodder for his books; Simon and Sorel, the self-indulgent and incredibly spoiled Bliss offspring; Clara, the maid, who was Judith’s dresser and retired with her, but hasn’t a clue how to “maid”; Myra, the dry and witty “vamp” who has her eye, but certainly not her heart, set on David; Richard, the diplomatist, who all but loses his own diplomacy; Sandy, the athletic and jocular young man with brawn but little brain; and poor poor Jackie, the vapid and somewhat shy “flapper” who spends the entire weekend terrified by the huge personalities surrounding her.

Auditions:  Monday, 30 January & Tuesday, 31 January at 7pm. No experience necessary.  The script calls for a cast of 9: 5 Women and 4 Men, ages 16 and up.  The audition will consist of readings from the script, which is available at the Theater Office and can be kept for two days at a time.

FOR NON-US ID HOLDERS, THERE IS A NEW ACCESS ROSTER POLICY.  We need your information for the Access Roster by Sunday, 22 January!

Join the director of HAY FEVER for a free Noel Coward Workshop on Sunday, 29 January, starting at 6:30pm.  In anticipation of the auditions the following two days, there will be a discussion of the "Coward" style, followed by practical applications using scenes from HAY FEVER.!  No preparation work is necessary, but ages 16 and older only, please.  Contact Roadside to register. 

Performances: March 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25 & 31 and April 1 at 7:30 p.m. March 19 & 26 at 3 p.m.