Browser problems

First of all, not every browser is alike. Internet Explorer and Netscape, two of the more well-known browsers, do not respond to the same programming commands in the same way. The language we use to write these pages, and the style sheets we use are somewhat universal, but you will always find variations if you view them from different browsers.. The Roadside Theater pages look and operate best when viewed with the newest versions of the Internet Explorer browser (click on Help, then About to see your browser's name and version number). And browser technology is changing by the day, so go to your browser's home page and download the free updates!

"Java?!" Aint' that coffee?? No, Javascript is the programming language webmasters use to give you bells and whistles like dancing letters, automatic page turning, forms, and other goodies. Even the newest browsers don't support Javascript in the same way, and some older browsers don't support Java at all.

You may also have Javascript turned off in your browser. Check under Edit - Preferences, or View - Options, depending on your browser's menu layout. Somewhere in the setup you will find a checkbox to turn Javascript on, or to allow Javascripts to run. Doing so will not slow down your computer, and is not a security risk.

Can I still visit your pages if I'm not using the latest browser version, or my browser doesn't support Javascript, or if I have Javascript turned off? Yes, but you may notice the layout will look different on a friend's machine, or you will miss some functions or goodies on those pages that are run by Javascript. But here at Roadside, you'll only miss some formatting goodies - all the links will work, and the information will still be there.

One more tip: your pages will load faster and you can fit more on each screen if you keep the size of your fonts Small to Medium. Look under the View menu for the font controls. Small to Medium fonts work best. Likewise, your screen resolution should be set to 600 x 800 for the best viewing. This is a Control Panel setting in Windows (not your browser) under Display - Settings. These font and resolution settings will be useful for all your web browsing, not just Roadside!