Heidelberg's Roadside Theater
to Premiere "Les Mis"
An Announcement from our Artistic Director, Dane Winters
January, 2001

I am thrilled to announce that Heidelberg's award-winning Roadside Theater will stage the first American community theater production of the international hit musical, Les Misérables. This musical adaptation of the Victor Hugo novel set during three decades of 19th century France has become one of the world's most beloved and most often seen musicals. Mr James Sohre will direct the production. Mr Sohre's "day job" is at the US Army Headquarters here in Heidelberg, monitoring and providing training for Theater programs in all the US Forces installation throughout Europe. He has directed most of our musicals here to date, including our other world and European premieres. I will lead the technical direction and design team.

Not many people realize that the US Army Entertainment program is actually the largest theatrical producer in the world. There are several copyright companies that are very aware of that, specifically Music Theater International. MTI is the copyright agent chosen to license performances of Les Mis in various categories of theaters worldwide. For the American community theater premiere, they decided to pick a military theater overseas. With the approval of the Cameron Mackintosh organization, MTI selected us for this incredible opportunity. Michael McDonough of MTI said that his company selected Roadside Theater because of "... the quality and caliber of [their] productions. We have benefited from several hands-on workshops conducted by MTI in Heidelberg and we welcome the opportunity to work with the Army's theater team."

Les Mis is a very episodic production, covering great time and space. In our smaller theater, that's going to present an interesting challenge. Our approach is going to be slightly cinemagraphic, focusing on each episode to make it look rich and detailed to serve the piece. But it is quite an epic tale and it has to convey the history and the time and the place. That's going to be a challenge.

One of the major themes of Les Mis is revolution, and symbolically and practically, the scene design of all productions has included a large revolving stage area providing a technical and creative foundation for the production. We've considered using a revolving stage, but we're still in the early design phase. But whether we use it or not, because we're going to be the first American company that produces Les Mis in a community theater environment, we want to put our own stamp on this production design. And we'll be paving the way somewhat, because many other community theaters may have to produce this show without a revolve, too - many of them are working in a space even smaller than ours. We can't work in the huge Broadway or London scale on our stage, but we are going to be very creative, and hope to serve as a pattern for the community productions that follow.

Les mis audition callbacks!
Cast List

Thank you all for a truly "Miserables" experience! The auditions were wonderful and we have a very fine cast. I truly appreciate your patience, talent, hard work, and consideration as we made our way through a difficult and somewhat overwhelming, but exciting tryout.

For those cast, I would like to have a meeting next Wed, 7 March 2001, starting at 1830. We will look at some of the score, measure for costumes, and hopefully disseminate the rest of the rehearsal schedule. Please plan on being there until 2130. It will be our only chance for a group meeting before I go on TDY for ten days.

For all those I did not cast, thank you so much for trying out. It was a treat to be introduced (or re-introduced) to your talent. Please don't be a stranger to the Roadside. Indeed, there was enough talent in the audition process to cast about 10 shows really well!

Thanks again, and I look forward to "Les Miz."


Mr. James Sohre, Director

Principal roles:
Jean Valjean - Andrew Culjak
Javert - Brendan McGrath
Fantine - Heather Powell
Little Cosette - Hannah Washington, Mary Alice Greco, Anneliese Grant (rotating)
Thenardier - Ron Paoletti
Madame Thenardier - Jeanne Ragonese
Gavroche - Tom Carberry
Eponine - Rebekah Gleason
Cosette - Christa Cannon

Student Revolutionaries:
Enjolras - Clifford Butler
Marius - Barry DeWeese
Combeferre - Fidel Rodriguez
Feuilly - Terence Powell
Courfeyrac - Jeremiah Creiglow
Joly - Quoc Duy Trinh
Grantaire - Dale Coldwells
Lesgles - David Johnson
Jean Prouvaire - Steven Santiago
Other Students: Eric Witmer, Carlos Santiago, Justin Chaffee, Tyler Resty, Pat Young

Thenardier's Gang:
Montparnasse - Bob Dickerson
Babet - Chuck McCarter
Brujon - Freddie Paz
Claquesous - Brian Temple

Chorus parts with solo lines:
Opening scene:
Convict One - Clifford Butler
Convict Two- Brian Temple
Convict Three - Freddie Paz
Convict Four - Stan Harris
Convict Five - Steven Santiago
The Chain Gang: All men except Val Jean and Javert

Valjean's travel:
Farmer - Tom Helfrich
Laborer - David Johnson
Innkeeper's Wife - Shannon O'Brien-Koszuba
Innkeeper - Bob Dickerson

Bishop scene:
The Bishop of Digne - John Lavender
Constable 1 - Ed Olson
Constable 2 - Carlos Santiago

At the End of the Day:
The Foreman - Brian Temple
Worker 1 - Dale Coldwells
Worker 2 - Terence Powell
Woman/Girl 3 - Jeannie Johnson
Girl 1 - Julie Hodge
G irl 2 - Jennifer Santiago
Girl 4 - Shannon O'Brien-Kaszuba
Girl 5 - Mary Brown
Mixed Chorus

Lovely Ladies:
Sailor 1 - David Johnson
Sailor 2 - Patrick Young
Sailor 3 - Steven Santiago
Old Woman 1 - Sylvia Rausch
Whore 1 - Tami McNealy
Whore 2 - Nina Mittelstaedter
Whore 3 - Beatriz Mosley
Old Woman 2 - Marion Ruck
Pimp - Terrence Powell
Bamatabois - Chuck McCarter
Chorus of Sailors
Chorus or Prostitutes: Susan Higgins, Joe Ullrich, Erin Wendorf, Jennifer Santiago, Leslie Bord, Erin Helm

Cart Crash:
Mr. Fauchelevant - Gary Giorgis
Onlooker 1 - Kathryn Hanson
Onlooker 2 - Carlos Santiago
Onlooker 3 - Jeannie Johnson
Onlooker 4 - Stan Harris
Mixed Chorus of Onlookers
Extras, 2 constables, non-singing

Court: Judges, extras (non-singing)

Hospital: Extras, 1-2 nurses or nuns (non-singing)

The Beggars:
Old Beggar Woman - Shannon O'Brien-Koszuba
Young prostitute - Joe Ullrich
Pimp - Fidel Rodriguez
Urchin - Hannah Washington, Mary Alice Greco, Anneliese Grant
Beggars Mixed Chorus

An Army Officer (off-stage with megaphone) - Freddie Paz
Sentry 1 & Sentry 2, spoken, or additional students (high baritone)

Eponine - Hannah Washington, Mary A. Greco, Anneliese Grant
Drinker 1 - Chuck McCarter
Drinker 2 - Brian Temple
Drinker 3 - Tom Helfrich
Drinker 4 - Ed Olson
Drinker 5 - John Lavender
Drinker 6 - Stan Harris
Drinker 7 - Gary Giorgis
Drinker 8 - Carlos Santiago
Girl Drinker - Tami McNealy
Diner 1 - Freddie Paz
Diner 2 - Bob Dickerson
Mixed Chorus of Drinkers and Diners

After the Barricade:
Woman 1 - Marion Ruck
Woman 2 - Jeannie Johnson
Woman 3 - Julie Hodge
Woman 4 - Sylvia Rausch
Woman 5 - Sue Leibfried
Woman 6 - Shannon O'Brien-Koszuba
Woman 7 - Regina Rosenberger
Woman 8 - Mary Brown

Wedding Guests, Finales Acts I and II: Mixed Chorus
Bord, Leslie
Brown, Mary
Hanson, Kathryn
Helm, Erin
Higgins, Susan
Hodge, Julie
Johnson, Jeannie
Leibfried, Sue
McNealy, Tami
Mittelstaedter, Nina
Mosley, Beatriz
O'Brien-Kaszuba, Shannon
Rausch, Sylvia
Rosenberger, Regina
Ruck, Marion
Santiago, Jennifer
Ullrich, Joe
Wendorf, Erin

Chaffee, Justin
Coldwells, Dale
Creiglow, Jeremiah
Dickerson, Bob
Giorgis, Gary
Harris, Stan
Helfrich, Tom
Johnson, David
Lavender, John
McCarter, Chuck
Olson, Ed
Paz, Freddie
Powell, Terence
Resty, Tyler
Rodriguez, Fidel
Santiago, Carlos
Santiago, Steven
Temple, Brian
Trinh, Quoc Duy
Witmer, Eric
Young. Pat


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