Roadside to host Les Mis premiere

H e i d e l b e r g



We were honored to produce the
American Community Theater
World Premiere

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What our audience members said:

"Yesterday, 6/2/01 I was in Les Mis and I must say I was overwhelmed. That seldom happens to me. 2 years ago I directed the musical "Die schwarze Witwe" (The Black Widow) in the Rudolf Wild Halle in Eppelheim and this year I directed "Hinter dem Spiegel" (Behind the Mirror), which I wrote together with Michael Bellmann. I was so overwhelmed by your achievement that I count last evening as one of the nicest I've ever spent in the theater."

"Congratulations on your remarkable achievement. The London and New York productions may have bigger barricades, but they haven't got bigger hearts. The exceptional quality of your work reflects the unimaginable hard work and commitment that you've invested in this passionate and unforgettable production. It's a feast of great performances and well-polished details. Thank you all for your worthy reminder of the magic and power of theater. You've done yourselves proud."

"I want to thank you all for the way you pour your heart and souls into the production and performances of "Les Mis". The impression you make on the Heidelberg American civilian & military community is absolutely immeasurable. More importantly, your performance as ambassadors of American Community Theater has once again (as always) extended it's reach to our German hosts, who have raved (louder & louder) over each performance. As a theater-fan (audience)... I was overwhelmed by the talent and authenticity of your performances (to single out how great you all were would take me a year). As an American, I loved hearing the comments of our German neighbors in the audience comparing you all to the same shows they'd seen in London & Broadway."

"I've seen Les Miserable before in New York, but the performance at Roadside Theater moved me to tears. It was great."

"Your show was more than I expected, really. I want to come back and see every show you're doing while I'm here in Germany. Again, excellent, I'm a musician and really couldn't believe what I was hearing!"

"Les Mis was just fantastic. I'm coming back to see it (if you still have tickets). I should not be surprised at the quality of our 'amateur' theatre but I am constantly amazed at the professional performances that I always see. Just GREAT!!"

"You have indeed set the standard by which all other amateur productions will be based. You masterfully exceed the expectations and limitations of your space."

"I thought it was fabulous! You guys did an incredible job. I never knew so much talent was right here. There were so many big voices in the show. I got chills when many of the characters sang. Again, I loved the show!!!!!"

"I have seen "Les Mis" last Sunday (3 Jun) at your theater and it was an excellent and wonderful performance. Please extend my warmest thanks for putting "Les Mis" on the stage to everybody who was involved (before and behind the curtains)."

"The cast in Heidelberg is truly talented and I can say this with a clear conscience from having seen over a dozen professional productions of 'Les Mis.'

"Les Mis is the best production of Roadside Theater I have ever seen. Almost everything is perfect. The cast is superb and the set is magnificent. Waiting for the next big show!"

"Les Mis was just fantastic. I should not be surprised at the quality of our 'amateur' theatre but I am constantly amazed at the professional performances that I always see. Just GREAT!!"

"WOW! What a great job. We left the play just so impressed!  We absolutely were amazed at how magnificent you all were."

"What can I say but Bravo! Superb! Outstanding and Totally Awesome!"

If you saw the show, let us hear from you!

Performances dates: May 11, 12, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27, June 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 2001
Friday and Saturday performances were at 7:00 pm (a half-hour earlier than usual), Sunday matinees were at 3:00 pm
All were at Roadside Theater on Patton Barracks, Heidelberg.

Two added performances due to overwhelming demand: Thursday, May 31 and June 7

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