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From assisting in the lobby or the ticket booth before, during or after a performance, onstage, backstage, volunteers participate in all areas of our theater, and have the opportunity to participate in parties and other specially planned activities throughout the season.

Have fun! Meet new friends! See free shows! Experienced staff/volunteers are always there to manage things, so you don't have to worry about handling money or working alone, so even without much experience or technical background, you could help us.



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If you'd like to join our team of Volunteers, please send us your name and email,
and we will send you information about upcoming shows or events.
Just pick the evenings or weekends that best suit your schedule.

(Please note this Volunteer List is a different email list than our Email Newsletter on the Home Page)

Sell Tickets: We always need help at the box office greeting customers, handling reservations, pulling tickets, and answering the phone.

Help at the Snackbar: Our snackbar gets really busy before and after every show, and the staff needs help restocking, greeting customers, and tidying up.

Usher: Nothing makes a patron feel more at home than having someone show them to their seat. This is a great way to meet friends and bolster our friendly atmosphere.

Organize or Repair Costumes: The actors often have many costumes to keep track of, and sometimes they might need help with super-quick costume changes. Also, our costumes frequently need slight repairs, hemming, adjusting and repairing. As early as when rehearsals first start, we need help with costumes!

Makeup or Hair: Nothing fancy -- we usually use normal street makeup in the majority of our shows, but our actors appreciate it when they have help putting on makeup or fixing their hair.

Publicity: Our success is due mainly to the salesmanship of our audience, cast and crew. You can help by spreading the word in your office, neighborhood, or club meetings; hang our posters; contact local agencies near you about our season; or offer to help lay out our brochures or programs.

Work backstage: You can work with the Stage Manager or Technical Director behind the scenes and help manage props, pull curtains, help actors with their work, or any of the many backstage duties in a show.   We need stage managers, assistant stage managers, props masters and run crew for every show that we produce

Other technical help: You can work a follow spot, or run the light board or sound board.

Help build sets: You don't have to be Michelangelo to help the Scenic Designer build and paint sets. Sometimes it's as simple as painting a wall with a paint roller, hanging curtains, or cutting out flowers from felt.

See the shows! Besides our volunteers, there's no one more valuable to us than our patrons. See a show, see as many as you can, be a season ticket holder -- support the theater with your patronage and tell everyone you meet about the wonderful time you had!