An Evening of One-Acts


Performances:  Oct. 15, 16, 22, 23, 29 & 30, 2004 at 7:30 p.m. and Oct. 24 at 3 p.m.

Ticket Prices:

Adults: $12/10 € , Students/seniors: $10/8€,  children (under 11): $8/6€

Season Ticket Reservations begin Sept. 28.  General Seating reservations begin Oct. 5


by Charles George

Directed by Carolyn Burmedi





Here are the Production Photos

Here are the Cast & Crew Photos

Lois Borsay - Katherine
Natasha Bush - Desdemona
Amanda Creiglow - Ophelia
Amy Funderburk - Cleopatra
Elyse Smith - Juliet

Asssistant Director - Wanda Smith-Goshorn

WHEN SHAKESPEARE'S LADIES MEET is a delightful comedy with a bite of satire.  Juliet has just fallen for Romeo.  Six of the Bard's most noted heroines descend on the Capulet household to offer their oh-so-helpful opinions on men, love, men, marriage, men and more men. Juliet is visited by Portia from The Merchant of Venice, Katherine from The Taming of the Shrew, Desdemona from Othello, Ophelia from Hamlet, and Cleopatra from Antony and Cleopatra.  Portia's advice is very legal;  Katherine suggests the ways of a shrew bring results;  Desdemona tells how Othello smother her with affection;  Ophelia is as mad as a March hare, and Cleopatra imparts her methods with the stalwart Anthony.  In the end, they all learn that the innocent Juliet can give them all lessons in love, despite her extreme youth.


A new musical comedy
By David Javerbaun & Bob Cohen

Directed by Dan Stapula

Winner of the 2004 Army Europe One Act Play Festival "Best Show"
And Region 10 Representative to the AACT National Festival.
in Kalamazoo, Michigan (June, 2005).  Suburb tied for Third Place at the Festival, and Jeanne Ragonese won an Excellence in Acting Award,
and Deb Bauer won an Excellence in Musical Production Award.


Here are the Production Photos

Here are the Cast & Crew Photos

Here is The Program
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Amanda Perzel - Alison
Jeanne Ragonese - Rhoda
Sylvia Rausch - Woman 1
Constance Howard - Woman 2
Marion Ruck - Woman 3
Rosemarie Smith - Woman 4
Stephanie Krebs - Suburbanite, Woman 5
Kathryn Nevins- Woman 6

SFC Steven Stanfill - Stuart
Robert Schamp - Tom
Byron Wilkinson - Man 1
Steve Devito - Man 2
Bernd Roeder - Man 3
Steve Grant - Man 4
Brian Rausch - Man 5

Assistant Director: Linda Harley
Technical Director: Brian Rausch
Music Director: Debbie Baur
Rehearsal Pianist: Maddy Busch
Stage Manager: Carl Johnson
Choreographer: Vanessa Hartman
Costumes: Michiel Devito, Elfi Carberry, Christina Beerman
Scenery: Brian Rausch, Byron Wilkingson, Phillip Schamp
Properties Design: Priscilla, Elizabeth, Gabi, and Noemi Stapula
Sound Design: Nick Devito
Marketing/design: Joel Carner

The suburbs – for decades, the suburbs have been eulogized or vilified. Now the suburbs hit the musical theater stage. Suburb takes an insightful and witty view of the world of the lawnmower, the barbecue, and the mall, exploring the suburb's rites and rituals. “[O]n the surface, this award-winning musical is about one Manhattan couple’s housing decision. On all the important levels, it’s about the courage to make change.” — The New York Times

SUBURB is about a newly married couple, Stuart and Allison, who are expecting their first child and simultaneously considering a change of residence. Stuart envisions a suburban paradise of backyard ball games and cookouts. Allison has her doubts: she like the city and fears a bland, ordinary suburban life that will turn her into a mother. With the assistance of Rhoda, their velvet steamroller of a realtor, Stuart and Allison find their dream house (well, Stuart’s dream house- Allison is undecided.) Yet Tom, the owner, starts having second thoughts about selling the house he shared with his recently deceased wife. The rest of the show is Stuart trying to persuade Allison they should take the house and Rhoda trying to convince Tom it’s time to let the house go and move on – especially since she has developed a romantic interest in this eligible widower.

A quartet of suburbanites thread through the action with a succession of numbers celebrating or lamenting various aspects of suburban life including the barbeque, commuting, the shopping mall, walking to school and moving day.

Cast of Characters:
-Allison - a pregnant young professional determined to avoid moving back into the suburbs. (18-25 years old)
-Stuart – Allison’s husband, who finds himself suddenly seized by an overwhelming desire to go suburban. (18-25 years old)
-Rhoda – a chain-smoking Über-realtor, a perpetual divorcée hell-bent on selling Allison and Stuart their dream house. (30-45 years old)
-Tom – a widower and avid do-it-yourselfer who in the face of retirement has reluctantly put his home of 40 years up for sale. (45-60 years old)
-Man 1 – a suburban husband; deli owner; mover and child. (18-40 years)
-Woman 1 – a housewife; brownie lady; shopper and teen. (18-40 years)
-Man 2 – a suburban husband; priest; mover and child. (18-40 years)
-Woman 2 – a housewife; cop; teen and shopper. (18-40 years)