Here is the announcement we ran for True West:

True West

In the twilight zone between imagination and reality in the California desert are two brothers fighting for their this the True West?

Two brothers are trapped in their mother's home in California. The heat of the desert scorches their necks as they struggle to come to terms with their individual crises. Austin, the younger brother, has to finish a script for a Hollywood movie, while Lee, the older brother, is happy to find a new neighborhood where he can burgle the houses. Slowly, we hear about the brothers' lives both comic and tragic, until the Hollywood executive arrives and Lee (not Austin!) sells him the idea for a new movie...a movie about life in The Real West...a true-to-life movie!!

When Austin finds out that his movie has been dropped in favor of his brother's, there begins a comic role reversal as he decides to go out on a robbing spree, leaving his brother to write the movie. Everything comes to a head when the two brothers have a confrontation during a drunken night and destroy their mother's home. As they wallow in the debris, she returns home.

Vicious, hilarious and devastating, the play is an incredible journey into the American psyche.

Sam Shepard wrote this stunning drama about life in America in 1980, and since then this Pulitzer Prize-winning author and actor has gone on to write some of the most dynamic and extraordinary plays ever seen on the American stage. Described as the Rock and Roll King of the Theater, Shepard writes about life in the fast lane-- and the truth sometimes hurts.