"W;t"(October, 2000)

The World Amateur Premiere and

Winner of the 2000 USAREUR - AACT One Act Play Festival
"Best Show"
And Region 10 Representative to the AACT National Festival in Harrisburg, Pennsyvania (June, 2001)

Directed by Scott Fults

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The "W;t" story and Cast List
W;t Rehearsal Snapshots

Ms Sylvia Rausch as
Dr. Vivian Bearing
Vivian first gets the bad news
from Dr. Kelekian
(Ron Paoletti)
Dr. Jason Posner (Terry Powell)
and nurse Susie Monahan (Victoria Lutz)
prepare Vivian for an exam
Jason and Kelekian lead
the interns through
Grand Rounds
Vivian recalls a childhood moment with her father
(Bob Dickerson)
"I'm in terrible pain!"   .